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Daniel & William Clarke


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Daniel & William Clarke

2021 Queensland Young Australians of the Year

Daniel and Williams story is one of a unique relationship between brothers and a 15-year quest to save the critically endangered orangutan of Borneo and Sumatra. Daniel has Cerebral Palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair, however this doesn't stop him from doing what he believes is right. Side by side, Daniel and Willliam have:

-raised $975,000 for orangutan conservation,

-sponsored 111,000 acres of orangutan habitat,

-written and self-published 2 books which are now part of the NSW Education Curriculum for stages 3 & 4.


Their conservation work has been recognised by President Barack Obama, Dr Jane Goodall, & Sir David Attenborough.


They are extremely proud to have been awarded QLD Young Australian of the Year 2021 and are using this platform to inspire even more young Australians to become passionate about the environment.


Their courage, determination and resilience inspires all who meet them and knows their story. Daniel and William have shown that anybody can achieve their dreams despite having seemingly impossible barriers in front of them.


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