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Katrina Marson



Katrina Marson

Criminal Lawyer

Katrina Marson has been researching the protective power of sex-ed to prevent sexual violence and safeguard sexual wellbeing for a decade.  She has been a criminal lawyer since 2013, primarily in the areas of family violence and sexual offences. 


On secondment for two years, Katrina led the implementation of the Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission's criminal justice recommendations in the ACT before returning to the ACT DPP as the Second In Charge of the Sexual Offences Unit.  She undertook a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 researching the implementation of relationships and sexuality education overseas. 


She is the lead researcher of primary prevention at Rape and Sexual Assault Research and Advocacy and is the President of the Relationships and Sexuality Education Alliance in the ACT.  Katrina is the author of Legitimate Sexpectations: the power of sex-ed (2022).


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