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Theme & Objectives

The 2024 Youth Health Conference is dedicated to youth health and wellbeing in Australia. Convened by the Australian Association for Adolescent Health Ltd - the national peak body for youth health and wellbeing in Australia, the Youth Health Conference is an annual conference aimed at providing a platform to exchange ideas, make connections and inspire action drawing on the latest research, practices and models of care in adolescent and young adult health for people 10 to 25 years.


The Youth Forum at the conference will provide a platform for young people to meet and connect while also providing feedback to speakers, members and delegates on what young people see as priorities in adolescent health and how we can work together to address those priorities.


We trust the Youth Health Conference 2024 will be an exciting and and motivating event for all our attendees, and look forward to seeing you there!


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Greg McGahan

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Professor Simon Denny

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2024 Youth Health Conference


2024 Youth Health Conference theme: Connecting to Our Future

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