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Abstract Submission

Deadline: 2 June 2024

The committee are seeking abstracts for the following themes:

  • Healthcare

  • Health Research

  • Health Advocacy

  • Health Policy, Planning and Workforce


Individuals and organisations are invited to submit an abstract of original work to deliver a:

  • Professional Development Workshop (presented Monday 11 November);  60 minute and 90 minute options available

  • 15 minute oral presentation (presented Tuesday 12 - Wednesday 13 November)

  • Visual poster presentation (permanently displayed during the conference )

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract guidelines and templates are provided below. You must ensure you follow the guidelines and use the correct template in order for your abstract to be submitted for review.

View Abstract Guidelines document

Research based abstract

Abstracts on original research findings, case studies, completed projects and theoretical analyses.  Presentations should be well structured, rigorous and demonstrate a novel contribution to knowledge.

View research based abstract template

Program Policy or Practice based abstract

Abstracts analysing issues and solutions to problems in clinical practice; including case studies and quality improvement activities community engagement, education, health promotion and policy. Presentations should be well structured, rigorous and demonstrate a novel contribution to knowledge

View Program Policy or practice based abstract template

Workshop abstract

Abstracts are invited from groups or individuals who want to share information in a longer and more interactive session. Abstracts for professional development workshops can cover relating to the theme CONNECTING TO OUR FUTURE will be considered. The abstract will need to state the target audience(s) and learning outcomes. Workshops co-presented with young people will be favoured.

View Workshop abstract template

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2024 Youth Health Conference


2024 Youth Health Conference theme: Connecting to Our Future

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